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Froth Pak


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The FROTH-PAK kit comprises two pressurised tanks, linked by hoses, to a dispensing gun. When the contents of the two tanks are dispensed, they chemically react to produce a froth-like substance, which quickly expands to about three to five times the dispensed volume. The foam solidifies in about 60 seconds and fully cures into a solid permanent structure in approximately five minutes. Cured foam resists moisture, insulates, dampens noise, adds structural support, provides an air-seal and fills voids.
Froth-Pak is the best form of insulation available, because of its closed compact cellular structure.


Spray Froth-Pak onto any clean, dry surface in any direction to insulate, fill and seal various size voids, dampen sound or reduce vibration. It is specifically designed to spray onto flat or irregular surfaces, and to fill large cavities.

“For Professional use only”

The Froth Paks are a great fire rated portable product, they are self pressurised and give machine quality closed cell spray foam.  Ideal for any of your sprayfoam requirements. The kits come in various sizes, FP180 and the FP600. Using the Patented GHA applicator guns things could not be any simpler.   Kits and lines are colour coded simply connect gun kit to the tanks, click in an anti crossover nozzle and create foam, spray, inject, glue or bond. Perfect for all applications and with the Froth Pak spray foam kits you are ensured perfect quality closed cell foam time after time. Minimal mess no contractors required and with the larger FP600 creating up to 50 Sq mtrs @ 25mm thick, larger jobs can be completed easily.


  • Insulation
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Under roof spray / sprayed on to membranes and direct onto prepared tiles
  • Roof consolidation / Used as a replacement for cement torching to prevent tile and slate loss
  • Condensation abatement / 15mm of foam onto corrugation stops condensation forming
  • Marine insulation / Buoyancy
  • Film and set construction
  • Air-seal / Building air tightness 
  • Pipeline / Gas and oil industry
  • Cold storage

FP180 QR

Contains two tanks
A component / B component.
Weight 17 KG
B2 Fire rated
Density 28-30KG
Coverage 15-18 sq mtrs @ 25mm
Cure time 45-60 seconds.


FP600 QR

Contains two tanks
A component and B component
Weight 50KG
B2 Fire rated
Density 28-30 KG
Coverage 55-60sq mtrs @ 25mm thick
Cure time 45-60 seconds
FP600 tank sets available in slow rise formulation same as above but cure time is 90 seconds, suitable for void filling ect.


GHA9 Gun Kit

Contains wrench 9ft hose, applicator gun petroleum jelly and 10 NS nozzles

GHA15 Gun Kit

Contains wrench 15 ft hose, applicator gun petroleum jelly and 10 NS nozzles.

GHA30 Gun Kit

Contains wrench 30ft hose , applicator gun petroleum jelly and 10 NS nozzles.

Manual Transfer Valves

Contains two colour coded manual valves for use with multiple kits, the valves are designed to make multi gun use simple. However the gun kits themselves are designed to be disposable and will wear over use but 4-5 kits per gun can be achievable if tolls are looked after.

NS Nozzles
The clear/white nozzle gives spray finish ideal in most applications.
GG Nozzles
White/ blue nozzle gives fine fan pattern suitable for larger flat areas, steel containers, sarking, boarding ect.

Caulk and pour nozzles available on request.


For a larger version of the yield stats above and more detailed information regarding Froth Pak please see our Froth Pak brochure click here to download

For full instructions please download Froth Pak Instructions here

For quotation and supply contact Eco Polyurethane Systems Ltd. on 0800 38 78 77

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